Warranty card printing
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July 19, 2016
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July 19, 2016
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Warranty card printing

Printed plastic cards, VIP cards, warranty cards printing durable Ho Chi Minh City Cheap

You are to do warranty plastic card? Looking for a professional company in the field of design and printing of plastic cards?

Come with us – Company Nguyen Tuan received specialized in all kinds of plastic cards in general and in particular in the warranty card. With modern equipment, use of materials and advanced ink we’ll give you the best, always ensure the sharpness and durability of the card.


Warranty card is replacing the product warranty usual. The production and sales of mechanical products, consumer electronics such as cars, motorcycles, televisions, phones, washing machines, air … usually in the warranty card to give your customers. The cards can function as customer cards, identification cards and branded products and product warranty card.

With its compact size, equivalent to the size of a traditional credit card, customers always carry the card with you and always ready to participate in promotions, customer conferences or easily get support technical or warranty in any public service center specified by the manufacturer.

Besides, through the design and printing durable warranty card also contribute to improving the brand value of the enterprise a very practical way. Especially through the warranty card, businesses easily control customer information, warranty time, … to better customer service after the sale.

You’re wondering what the problem to build a good image to highlight their brand through the printed warranty card, please contact us for advice and dedicated the best price.
Process of our work:

Step 1: Order Confirmation
When you contact us to advise and detailed quote and order confirmation.

Step 2: Design
If you already have a design, please send us samples conducted through printed form. If you do not have the design, we will support the design for you.

Step 3: Production Card template
Once you have the design we will proceed in form and send you to see.

Step 4: Mass production
After you view the sample tag and agree, we will proceed in a series.

Step 5: Delivery
We test products and expedite delivery to you.

We are committed to:

– Your products will have superior quality, sharp images, high durability.

– Fast print time

– Dedicated Customer Care.

– Cost optimization