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July 19, 2016
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July 19, 2016
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Touch card printing

Printed plastic cards, VIP cards, card printing durable induction Ho Chi Minh City Cheap

Proximity card is the card type timekeeper for employees, access control, parking cards for smart card bonus points accumulated, plus discount card points,


– Induction Card 2 types: thin (0.8 mm) and heavy duty (2 mm)

– Form printing: offset printing samples, using thermal printers, thin stick on the card card.

– 125KHz frequency tag reader

– Card can record: frequency 13.56MKz (1k byte capacity, 4k bytes)

– In tag sensors, smart chip card in touch directly on the card or in conjunction with an identity card to be able to use thin as many times as there are personnel changes within the enterprise.

Our company received in all types of plastic cards, VIP cards, card-touch, … and many other cards.

If you do not have designs inside our company will design and print templates for you to see. With high-tech technology and your card will always guarantee quality, beautiful color and durability.
Process of our work:

Step 1: Order Confirmation
When you contact us to advise and detailed quote and order confirmation.

Step 2: Design
If you already have a design, please send us samples conducted through printed form. If you do not have the design, we will support the design for you.

Step 3: Production Card template
Once you have the design we will proceed in form and send you to see.

Step 4: Mass production
After you view the sample tag and agree, we will proceed in a series.

Step 5: Delivery
We test products and expedite delivery to you.

To get the best price please contact us via the Hotline below.

We are committed to:

– Your products will have superior quality, sharp images, high durability.

– Fast print time

– Dedicated Customer Care.

– Cost optimization