The smart chip card printing

The smart chip card printing

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Attendance card printing
July 19, 2016
The parking card printing
July 20, 2016
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The smart chip card printing

RFID card RC0001

Chip cards are plastic cards printed with clever chip to the bank’s ATM card, chip card attendance card in / out port, card shops, …

Like a chip card operating system is capable of storing information data, it has the ability to computerized processing functions. For security capabilities, the chip can withstand the onslaught of external factors the intrusions without other support devices.

Normally Plastic bank cards capable of online transactions such as Visa, Master Card feature to chips.

For highly secure chip cards, personalized high, difficult transaction information stolen. Apart from the banking sector, this card can connect to a PC to make purchases at the store, in some countries also made card bus card, a train.

RFID card RC0003

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