The bank card printing
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Customer card printing
July 20, 2016
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July 20, 2016
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The bank card printing

RFID card RC0003

Card Services is a unique banking services, modern, established and developed based on the strong development of science and technology. With premium features Vietnam, provide more benefits to customer, the service has quickly become card payment services cashless common and popular in the world top. And now, the card also has gradually asserted its position in the payment operations in Vietnam.

RFID card RC0002

Your banks are in demand issue ATM cards to customers? Link cards for businesses, schools? You need the correct standard card manufacturing durable?

The bank card products, our ATMs are the optimal solution for your bank.

Tags include several categories: domestic debit card (Debit), international debit cards (Master), credit card (Credit), link tags, … aimed at different audiences depending on business strategy each card-issuing unit.

RFID card RC0001

Material: 100% PVC

Size: ISO CR-80

Print technology: offset printing or laser printing, 4-color YMCK with protective coatings card, against flying colors after printing. There ductility, high strength (about 7-10 years), smooth video quality.

– Strip tape, strip signatures

– The cardholder information will be embossed (or in the heat) on the surface of the card and tape encryption and scrabble back of the card.

Optional extras:

– Integrated add Mifare chip (13.56MHz), Proximity (125KHz)

– Negative emulsion, metallic or intaglio printing presses to increase the aesthetic as well as the security of the card.