Plastic cards with barcodes printing

Plastic cards with barcodes printing

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Plastic card braille printing
July 20, 2016
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Transparent plastic card printing
July 20, 2016
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Plastic cards with barcodes printing

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Plastic cards with bar codes QR code is now used a lot by its convenience offer. When using plastic cards with a QR bar code printed code you do not have too much information on the surface of the card, you can unleash your creativity to the surface without the need to pay attention to communication, introduced on the card, because the information about the product, about the individual, about the company, now has built up in the code QR code.

Currently very popular bar codes and many cards are printed bar codes such as student cards, employee cards, bank cards, warranty cards, loyalty cards, …

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Our company received in all types of plastic cards, plastic cards with a barcode printed with product quality is always the best for reliability and sharpness. We offer a full suite of products and barcode card related services include:

– Design template tags: staff professional graphic designers will bring to our barcode card template design-standard, modern at the request of customers.

– Card barcode will elegance and class thanks printed on high quality PVC material with embossing forms, pressed powder, pressed metal, heat presses and diverse category of cards: the card, chip card,

– The size standard card

– Print with high-tech materials and ensures sharp detail, give a true colors.

– Range of Hi-co or chip behind the card and cardholder signature strip bank cards to help manage and process customer transaction information.

– Layer Laminated cards help protect the waterproof and fade.