Membership cards printing

Membership cards printing

The parking card printing
July 20, 2016
Membership card MC0016
Customer card printing
July 20, 2016
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Membership cards printing

Membership card MC0010

Membership card is a form of loyalty card businesses, companies, restaurants, hotels, clubs, forums, stores, …

Membership cards also become more diverse and richer because each needs to use cards issued to members each business has different points of ideas should always be new products cards of models as well as specific private.

Membership card embossed can list each member, customer, or laminated metallic lamé emulsion names look very beautiful and luxurious. Cards show respect, cohesion between business and loyalty.

Membership card MC0013

Membership card MC0009

Membership Card is the card type, such as membership cards, loyalty cards, discount coupons, promotions, loyalty cards, …

– Assisting enterprises to continuously improve their image promotion.

A bridge maintenance and management system of the enterprise customer.

Constantly developing potential customers and new customers.

Trading Service Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing QC and Nguyen Tuan VIP card printing, plastic card printing customers City area and across the country. In particular, membership cards are cards for loyal customers of supermarket systems, shopping centers, retail systems, company, business or enterprise … Helping enterprises to continuously improve, advertising image by promoting the promotions combined delivery discount card …

If you are going to need to print your membership card, please contact us for advice as well as the best price for you.

Our company specializes in plastic card, VIP card and all other cards in the city and across the country.

With us you will have the cards printed high-quality, sharp color, simple design, beautiful and professional with high durability (7-10 years).