(ID) employee card printing

(ID) employee card printing

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July 20, 2016
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July 20, 2016
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(ID) employee card printing

Business Card BC0040

Staff card (ID) is composed of personalizing cards have names, titles, images, some other information can be encoded as barcode, magnetic stripe or chip, in order to be compatible … control devices or related electronic management.

– Demonstrate professional and civilized of the business.

– The easy to contact colleagues in business exchanges.

– Combined attendance, access control and scientifically accurate for now

Business Card BC0034

You are in demand for workers in business cards, restaurants, hotels, shops …? You want business cards of their employees know and modern so different?

Is our staff card – Nguyen Tuan Company is the optimal solution for you.

Products are manufactured and plastic card printing technology offset / digital quality – plastic card printing technology we invested the production line of plastic cards reached European standards.

Please contact us via the Hotline: 0909 997 349 for advice and details the best quote for you.

Today staff cards not merely existing object name, company logo, image, information staff … but it also may become Attendance cards, card shops, access cards, and special … the main remaining difference is the staff card brand identity standards of the business.

With an identity card bearing the distinctive style and contemporary will create a good impression of professionalism and corporate culture. Staff will turn himself when he was carrying the brand of your business work.

Employee card will become a sign to customers, partners, business identity.

If you are looking for a service provider employee card printing, plastic card, VIP card quality reputation in the city, please contact us. We get all kinds of card printing according to your needs.