High quality plastic card printing

High quality plastic card printing

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High quality plastic card, VIP card printing
July 19, 2016
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High quality plastic card printing

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Plastic card printing with high-quality materials to ensure durability and beauty.

We get to design and print all kinds of plastic cards according to your requirements. If you are in need want to print plastic cards, vip cards, membership cards, discount cards, warranty cards, transparent cards, bank cards, touch card, chip card, … to serve the purpose your business, please contact us.

High quality plastic card printing at Tuan Nguyen is the perfect choice of you. Please contact us for advice, design printed plastic cards, employee cards, VIP cards nicely with the lowest price, you most satisfied!



What is plastic card?
Plastic or PVC cards are cards made from plastic, a material with high strength, long-term use, low price is therefore very popular and attractive. Today, instead of paper cards cost just big, but the high cost of low back endurance, perishable, torn people have tended to move from printed paper cards plastic card printing. Standard size plastic card is usually printed with size 86 x 54 mm. Small size, compact, easy to hold, easy to use, waterproof …

Plastic cards are made from plastic, using a dedicated printer to transmit the information to the customer’s business, your plastic card arbitrary visual presentation of your information on the card, plastic card used very popular and diverse.

Our company specializes in printing all types of cards, such as:
– In bankcard
– Print the card member
– In tag touch
– In particular tag
– In tag employee
– In student cards, membership
– Print the card during
– In a concession, promotions
– In tag warranty
– In tag with a barcode
– Print the card with signature tape
– Print Card from
– In the smart card chip
– Print loyalty cards
– In tag timekeeping
– Printing scratch cards
– Print card plastic card printing braille
– In tag number jumps
– In tag parking
– In tag Tipper
– Print card customers
– In tag keychains
– …
– And many other cards …


Material we use is PVC plus premium ink ensures colors as well as the durability of the card.
Also, we always use the same printing technology with high technology machinery and to ensure your VIP card is beautiful, crisp and high quality.

We use plastic card printing technology directly from embryos PVC ISO 4 class with premium ink, color fidelity on the card is guaranteed 99%, life expectancy of footage from or electronic chips also make newspaper.

The plastic cards are printed with beautiful high quality, sharp-strength of more than 3 years.
With a team of engineering and design experience, the same system of high-tech printing machines Card Data imported from Europe, the Company Nguyen Tuan QC Co. Ltd is one of the production units of the prestigious plastic cards in Viet Nam.

Each week, we shipped nearly 95,000 kinds of plastic cards with high quality standard ISO PVC standards for reliability, color offset printing technology, laser, inkjet and thermal printing.


In addition, we also provide services embossed plastic cards, pressed powder technology, metal molding, heat presses, billet supply white card, magnetic card, chip card, proximity card, production and printing of plastic cards with sizes, models and criteria according to your specific requirements.

With us you will get the cards printed high-quality, sharp color, simple design, beautiful and professional with high durability. And of course the price is also very reasonable with you.