Customer card printing
Membership card MC0010
Membership cards printing
July 20, 2016
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The bank card printing
July 20, 2016
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Customer card printing

Membership card MC0016

Membership cards, VIP cards, loyalty cards … always popular in the hotel, restaurant, club or even in large companies have regular customers. By extension, they all feature the motto customer is king” on the top and look for different ways to serve our customers in the best way. In particular, as membership cards, VIP cards, loyalty cards … also is an effective way to keep even the “god” of this fastidious.

Specialty Card SC0001

Currently the enterprise constantly improve, to promote the image of the enterprise by combining promotions released in concession, preferential cards, printed cards accumulate bonus points, customer card in honor, vip card printing customer combined with the form of direct discounts, …

Material current card is also very diverse, you can print on a white card, card emulsion (gold, silver) with different ink colors depending on the priority level of the card. Not only that, some places are embossed customer name and plated gold, silver up on it.

Customers wishing to print loyalty cards, VIP cards, membership cards, … please contact us to receive these impressive designs and attractive price.