Attendance card printing

Attendance card printing

Touch card printing
July 19, 2016
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The smart chip card printing
July 19, 2016
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Attendance card printing

Business Card BC0038

Plastic cards printing, VIP cards, card durable attendance.

Attendance card companies are often used to track employee attendance. Card attendance card printing professional show in the company of civilization. Attendance card use to create a personal touch for your company, your business. Helps companies manage employees, timekeeping, the most convenient way salary.

Business Card BC0040

Nguyen Tuan recognize companies designing and printing all kinds of plastic cards, vip cards, magnetic card, proximity card, attendance card, …

Product details:

– Employee attendance cards printed in high quality PVC material. To meet the demand for employee cards for hotels, companies, clubs, supermarkets, banks, commercial centers, …

– 54mm x 86mm size card, ATM card 0,76mm thickness, may be greater than required by the customer.

– The material of the plastic card so we import, self-regulation do bring something different altogether in card printing technology enables us to produce the card plastic card with a picture superior quality, glossy, durable, scratch-resistant, fade resistant colors.