Why should you choose to print plastic cards?

Why should you choose to print plastic cards?

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August 13, 2016
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August 13, 2016
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Why should you choose to print plastic cards?

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Plastic cards are very popular today, it gradually replaced the paper card. Plastic cards can be used with a feature, such as VIP card or be integrated with many other features such as VIP card combines preferential card, discount card, … At the same time, use plastic cards for customer care services restaurant also help you promote your professional image.

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The reason the company should you choose to print plastic cards

+ The company has many employees, managers can identify easily staff, manage work closely to help improve work efficiency.

+ Ink without water overspill, not faded or scratched during use because the outside is covered by a protective layer.

+ High durability over time, longevity of 4 layers of plastic cards can be up to 10 years.

+ The color, image clarity, not blurry, difficult to fade over time. In addition, the technology is embossed plastic cards printed for employee cards will improve the aesthetics, better reflect the professionalism, level of your company

+ Card peeling when exposed to water

Because of such advantages on which they are favored in the printing world. With the desire to give customers the quality products of high quality early embryo applications PVC card 4 layers in plastic card printing service around. We understand that only good quality and price can retain customers use plastic cards 4 layers embryos for all services that we provide is indispensable