Vip plastic card printing high quality, durable HCM

Vip plastic card printing high quality, durable HCM

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Transparent plastic card printing
July 20, 2016
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Transparent plastic card printing high-quality, durable HCM
July 24, 2016
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Vip plastic card printing high quality, durable HCM

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As a client, you might well have got yourself some plastic card member of a number of businesses, even can own VIP plastic card with special offers businesses present.

The use of plastic cards in the customer care, marketing, branding … now no longer a stranger to the business anymore. In particular, the VIP card of high quality plastic, durable HCM with different models show the different levels is one thing to give customers the perception of brand strength as well as photos , credibility and professionalism of the enterprise is there.

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To show respect to their loyal customers, usually companies will use as a VIP card gratitude to customers. VIP card will make the relationship between companies and customers increasingly better.

So What is VIP plastic card? VIP plastic card known as a reward for customers who have taken the time to stick with the business, have used the product of the enterprise in a long time. That is the “medal” certified loyalty to the brand of a business for customers and also the opportunity to show the interest of businesses to customers. With a VIP card, customers can get the special treatment of businesses.

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Plastic Card VIP high quality, durable depduoc made of?
With VIP, the plastic card is made of high quality PVC, can integrate many utility demand and high durability (can use 7-10 years).

Material is selected to do a VIP card, plastic card is usually due to durability and beauty of the card plastic card printing. However, to make a difference, businesses can have a lot of options to make up the diversity, richness for the plastic card VIP: from plastic cards such as gold, silver, embossed cards to the plate VIP plastic card with simple design but unique, fancy.

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Plastic card printing service vip high quality, durable HCMC Nguyen Tuan company
Company and Commercial Services Ltd Ads Nguyen Tuan we specialize in designing and printing cards nhuaVip with high reliability, ensure quality and aesthetics:
– Senior Material: Plastic Card VIP Nguyen Tuan are made of PVC, with color printing technology OFSET durable, ensuring coating peeling, durable.
– VIP card standard size: 54mm x 86mm, thickness 0.76 mm using ATM cards (can be larger than required by the customer), the front can print your name, company logo, image, information workers … , the back can be provided for use in cards, photos …
– The team dynamic and creative design, technical team of experienced
Selection of plastic card printing service vip high quality, durable HCMC Nguyen Tuan’s really going to be a great choice for any business that is on course to expand and strengthen the brand and its image.