VIP card printing quality

VIP card printing quality

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Vip card printing customer care
July 28, 2016
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PVC card printing
August 13, 2016
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VIP card printing quality

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With quality of service as well as product quality print. Our company is proud to be one of the companies designing, printing popular in Ho Chi Minh City.

The company specializes in plastic card printing, offset printing, printing cardvist, name card printing, business card printing, print wedding invitation, Hiflex printing, printing T-shirts …

VIP card card is a plastic commonly selected because of the strength and beauty of plastic card printing card. Express the elegance and professionalism

Member card, VIP card, CHIP card, attendance card, discount card, employee card, student card, bus card, cards, bridge, card payments … are made of PVC, with printing technology OFSET durable color, coating peeling.

54mm x 86mm size card, 0.76 mm thick ATM card, can be larger than required by the customer can print the name front, company logo, image, information of employees …, the back can be printed rules the use of cards, photos …

The purpose of wearing the card in order to burnish the image of the company, according to the psychologists tagged not only make employees feel I always carry a responsibility to remind implementing rules and regulations of the company, which can pride yourself in a company as highly professional.
Process of our work:

Step 1: Order Confirmation
When you contact us to advise and detailed quote and order confirmation.

Step 2: Design
If you already have a design, please send us samples conducted through printed form. If you do not have the design, we will support the design for you.

Step 3: Production Card template
Once you have the design we will proceed in form and send you to see.

Step 4: Mass production
After you view the sample tag and agree, we will proceed in a series.

Step 5: Delivery
We test products and expedite delivery to you.

Our commitment:
– I’ll be giving you superior quality products with high-definition and high reliability, sharp images.
– Fast print time.
– Dedicated Customer Care
– Cost optimization
– Customers can browse through the mail template and modify custom-made like that before.
– In the process of manufacturing the Company strives to ensure timely delivery.
– The template vip cards after production without quality will be remade. (100% free)
– Save more with services: consulting – printing – design – delivery – at the same address.
– 5% discount directly from the times set in the second and 10% for customers making monthly vip cards
– Offers the convenience of the stages of ordering, payment, product delivery