Vip card printing customer care

Vip card printing customer care

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July 28, 2016
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July 28, 2016
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Vip card printing customer care

Membership card MC0013

Today, plastic cards or tags are known as PVC, has gradually replaced the cards made of paper, increase the popularity for this type of card, dedicated tucac cards such as credit cards, student cards, membership cards , employee card, library card, or simply that the parking card, storage card, key chain used in everyday life.

Application of plastic cards

With a compact size, standard, durability along with high mobility helped plastic cards become the choice for many applications. Plastic cards can be printed in monochrome or full color, on one side or both sides.

Do not stop at the high usability, plastic card is also seen as an effective way of advertising for businesses, demonstrating the professional management.

From these advantages, many business units, stores, chain system using plastic cards VIP card customer care which not only shows professionalism but also the sophistication of the concerns and valued customers, business partners; keep more durable relationship.

The technology used

Technology like gold, like silver is preferred. The cards look more attractive, more professional, in addition to showing the level of cardholder

Technology helps pull from and barcode management for usage of the service of our customers, extremely simple and consistent with the object VIPs, loyalty of customers

Technology embossed letters embossed on the card surface higher, helped improve security, and increase aesthetics, faded letters on the card.

Process of our work:

Step 1: Order Confirmation
When you contact us to advise and detailed quote and order confirmation.

Step 2: Design
If you already have a design, please send us samples conducted through printed form. If you do not have the design, we will support the design for you.

Step 3: Production Card template
Once you have the design we will proceed in form and send you to see.

Step 4: Mass production
After you view the sample tag and agree, we will proceed in a series.

Step 5: Delivery
We test products and expedite delivery to you.