Transparent plastic card printing high-quality, durable HCM

Transparent plastic card printing high-quality, durable HCM

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Vip plastic card printing high quality, durable HCM
July 24, 2016
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Membership card printing high quality plastic, durable HCM
July 24, 2016
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Transparent plastic card printing high-quality, durable HCM

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In an enterprise, the use of plastic cards plastic membership cards, VIP cards, plastic cards employees, warranty … plastic cards can help the image and credibility in the eyes of enterprise customers are improving high. Besides, the use of plastic cards during high quality, durable in the production and management as a way to impress customers is equally important, so are a lot of businesses investors use.

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Transparent plastic card printing high quality, durable in the City usually name card, to reflect the elegance and class of the user and the receiver of transparent plastic card used most often include the kind of transparent plastic business cards for directors attended the event, summit, the type of plastic card company name of high quality, plastic business cards, transparent plastic name cards for personnel, employees, representation, PR, … and all kinds of plastic cards during other particular …

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Technical characteristics of transparent plastic card:
– Card is a plastic transparent PVC products withstand high temperatures during molding process of plastic cards, transparent plastic types are imported under the sheets, with quality inspected according to European standards.
– Transparent plastic card is made in the production process of plastic card (ATM card manufacturing process according to European standards) with high strength, peeling, fading over time.
– Transparent plastic card with the quality standards of production and process billet molding presses on standard plastic card, the card will bring a beautiful and luxurious.

At present, though there are many companies in HCMC but mention transparent plastic card printing high-quality, durable City, one can not not mention the company Nguyen Tuan, one of the leading companies in the field plastic cards of high quality, diversified designs, matching business image.

Company Nguyen Tuan we specialize in printing all types of plastic cards with high durability and sharp, especially the plastic card products throughout senior Tuan Nguyen was pressed under European production process with reliable and high quality peeling, fading over time.
When customers use the service at Nguyen Tuan will always be committed to outstanding quality, sharp images, high reliability in fast time and cost optimization.

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Plastic cards during the Nguyen Tuan specializes in manufacturing include:
1. Business cards transparent plastic for directors to attend the event, summit.
2. Name card companies high-quality plastic
3. Plastic Card visit in
4. Name transparent plastic cards for personnel, employees, representatives, PR, …
5. And all kinds of plastic cards during other particular …

Transparent plastic cards is one of the things shown class, the elegance of the owner should pay attention during use and storage of the cards is also essential. Nguyen Tuan recommend storage cards carefully transparent plastic, especially plastic cards during card name should be preserved in jars special name card, you need to use to bring a moderate amount, to avoid in case they are in for, most da.Tot squeeze, you should preserve the transparent plastic card in a stable temperature environment, cool, gives color durability and longevity card use .

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If you have realized the advantages of transparent plastic card in managing and promoting the image of personal and corporate image, please contact us immediately plastic card printing service during the high-quality, durable HCM Tuan Nguyen’s company to receive consulting design and printing in the nearest time.