PVC card printing

PVC card printing

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July 28, 2016
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August 13, 2016
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PVC card printing

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PVC card printing – Currently the plastic card printing companies often use PVC materials for printing. With PVC material products your card will have higher reliability and will look better when printed.
Plastic cards are made of plastic material with thickness 0,76mm standard size 86x54mm (Embryos white plastic PVC) or customers can customize the style, any size for their products.
Plastic cards offset printing technology on a large plate with a structure durable 4 layers (2 layers of anti-fading)

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The PVC card printing technology:

Offset printing plastic cards: A type of plastic card manufacturing process 4 color offset printing on PVC Large format cards and rolled a protective layer (laminate) is then cut into individual cards. Plastic cards, offset printing quality is always sharp and durable, it is often used to make some types of high-end cards such as Visa, Master card, credit cards, ATM cards, VIP cards … Yet However, the downside of this tag line is the printing company always asked to do more with the relative number and difficulty of print personalization on each card.

Thermal printing plastic cards: from embryos available cards, plastic cards are printed on thermal transfer printers as common today: K300 card printer, Datacard, plastic card printer ribbon used to print evolis..Muc 3 primary colors and a transparent overlay layer printed color card protection. Plastic card thermal printing type is suitable for companies, factories, supermarkets demand high print personalization. Usually they buy direct printers to print directly serve the job card such as an identity card, employee card, warranty card types, card barcode …

Digital plastic card printing: offset printing card Like this plastic card printing on plastic blanking plate but smaller. The difference is that elements are printed on the face in two white plastic sheet ingot then 2 sheets of clear plastic are pressed out to form 4 layers card then performs high-frequency heat presses. The advantage of this type of plastic cards can be ordered in small quantities, perform many different content, beautiful print quality, fast production time to do some proper staff cards, membership, or to print business cards, plastic cards ….

We specialize in cheap pvc cards in HCM with services such as printing ID cards, cards vip cards, magnetic cards, promotional cards, membership cards …. and other types of cards.

Ensuring quantity and best quality upon delivery to the customer. As one of the company production lines and advanced modern card according to European standards. Assure customers at the lowest cost and best quality.
Process of our work:

Step 1: Order Confirmation
When you contact us to advise and detailed quote and order confirmation.

Step 2: Design
If you already have a design, please send us samples conducted through printed form. If you do not have the design, we will support the design for you.

Step 3: Production Card template
Once you have the design we will proceed in form and send you to see.

Step 4: Mass production
After you view the sample tag and agree, we will proceed in a series.

Step 5: Delivery
We test products and expedite delivery to you.