PVC card printing high quality, durable HCM

PVC card printing high quality, durable HCM

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Membership card printing high quality plastic, durable HCM
July 24, 2016
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Plastic card personnel printing high quality, durable HCM
July 24, 2016
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PVC card printing high quality, durable HCM

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Along with the development of the country, the printing industry is also developed in, particularly Nguyen Tuan services company developing quickly and surprisingly.

Papers such as driver’s license, identity card, student-student cards, employee cards, health insurance cards, bank cards … have gradually been replaced by the integrated PVC cards intelligent features, convenience and easy maintenance.

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Previously, all kinds of plastic cards in the country is mainly produced from mixed plastic paper to a certain specification, and usually these inks, should have a relatively low cost hoacphoi simple 3-layer plastic. However, this approach makes plastic cards with poor color quality, achieving only 50-60% reliability requirements that are not of high quality, easy peeling, flying colors in a short time is a special non-conductive chip OSs including treatment from the press stand. Meanwhile, the plastic card printing technology directly from PVC ISO 4 class embryos by South Korean ink today, the color fidelity on the card is guaranteed to 99%, life expectancy of the tape or electronic chips also increased significantly. Therefore, the high quality plastic cards, are manufactured durable PVC ISO standards with durability up to years of use.

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Due to the huge demand of the HCM City market, the Company Nguyen Tuan was born, specializing in providing all kinds of PVC card printing service of high quality, durable in HCMC. With over 5 years experience in the field of plastic card printing, Nguyen Tuan always understand the needs and wants of our customers through the plastic card. Therefore, Nguyen Tuan, we always try our best to serve and meet the needs of customers on a plastic card products like the best with its sleek, chic, helping rebranding business results in the eyes of customers. Besides the price and speed should match completed quickly, help businesses not neglect his work schedule.

PVC printing service of high quality, durable City Company Limited Trading Service Nguyen Tuan Advertising:
– Ensure the quality of raw materials: plastic card made of PVC material with standard thickness 0,76mm Size 86x54mm (Embryos white plastic PVC) or customers can customize the style, any size for the their products.
– Technology modern plastic cards: plastic cards offset printing technology on a large plate with a structure durable 4 layers (2 layers of anti-fading)
– Machinery and equipment advanced modern production: At present the company Nguyen Tuan we had a modern growing systems and the production line of plastic card the size and quality.
– Staff: The staff and technicians of the company are those with long experience in the field of durable plastic card printing quality.
– Price: Ensure the most competitive prices, the most reasonable
– Time: always ensure timely handover as help you feel secure in their work.