Plastic card printing QR code barcode

Plastic card printing QR code barcode

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July 24, 2016
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Plastic card printing QR code barcode

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Today, plastic card printing QR code barcode is used more and more not only by its novelty but also because of the convenience it brings. When using a QR barcode printing plastic cards code, you do not have too much information printed on the surface of the card, you can unleash your creativity to the surface without the need to pay attention to information communications, introduced the card, by the detailed information about individual products, the company, now has built up in the QR code.

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Characteristics of plastic card printing QR code barcode
In materials: plastic cards QR code printed barcodes from high quality PVC material, durable.
Size: many sizes to choose from, depending on demand, but usually there are 3 common dimensions according to international standards are:

85.60 x 53.98 mm: this is the size Dedicated to print plastic cards such as bank cards, loyalty cards, gift cards or driving license card in some countries
105 x 74 mm: good size supports making printing more pictures of users, image company employees, while ensuring the strap to fit in the employee card.
125 x 88 mm: this is the standard for the type of visa cards.

Mode of transmission of information when printing plastic cards QR code barcode:

QR code was initially identified as a large box inside the black spots and small squares are distributed randomly on a white background. Speed read from QR code faster than traditional bar codes.
The information in the QR code can contain code range from digital information, text, image to link to website addresses, geographical information and types.
QR code can easily be read from both sides of the card. Using your phone’s camera, scan through barcode, barcode reader are integrated (can be downloaded on-line) in the phone will transfer information from barcode information into practice.