Plastic Card Printing HCMC

Plastic Card Printing HCMC

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August 13, 2016
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November 7, 2016
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Plastic Card Printing HCMC

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Plastic Card Printing City – Company Nguyen Tuan Co. Ltd specializes Qc printing all kinds of plastic cards in the city. We just focused on only one array is printed plastic cards so we are confident can meet all your needs. We receive plastic cards with the number at least 100, and most cards are not world-class.

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What is plastic card printing?
Plastic cards are made from plastic, using a dedicated printer to transmit the information to the customer’s business, your plastic card arbitrary visual presentation of your information on the card, plastic card used very popular and diverse.

Plastic cards used to do?
Because plastic is very easy to use, do not be afraid to encounter water damage and longevity of plastic cards is very high, which is attached to the plastic card can transmit information across the enterprise to submit blueprints to customers. From the advantages mentioned above should be used in making plastic card: bank card, membership card, induction card, special card, employee card, student card, membership card throughout, discount cards, promotions, warranty card, barcode card, signature card tapes, magnetic cards, smart chip cards, loyalty cards, attendance cards, scratch cards, parking cards, customer cards, tags, keychains …

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The plastic cards are commonly used where?
Plastic cards are commonly used in centers supermarkets, commercial centers as Member Card, banks as ATM, luggage tags, parking …

Plastic cards have many advantages suitable for businesses should demand very high print plastic cards but how to get a plastic card to achieve the requirements for reliability and high quality? Cong Nguyen Tuan gave you plastic card printing services to meet your needs. Plastic card printing service gives our customers a wide variety of cards to choose from, such as: high quality plastic card printing, plastic card printing usually, printed plastic cards such as silver, gold plastic card printing, plastic card printing transparent (Vip Card) …

You may need plastic card printing company employee or plastic card printing for vip customers can refer to service our plastic card printing with modern machinery, raw materials, premium ink, team contingent of professional production capacity to meet the number of plastic cards in 1000 1 hour ensure production schedules do not delay program your gift card.

In addition, we also provide services embossed plastic cards, pressed powder technology, metal molding, heat presses, billet supply white card, magnetic card, chip card, proximity card, … production and printing of plastic cards with sizes, models and criteria according to your specific requirements.

With us you will get the cards printed high-quality, sharp color, simple design, beautiful and professional with high durability. And of course the price is also very reasonable with you.

Our commitment:
– I’ll be giving you superior quality products with high-definition and high reliability, sharp images.
– Fast print time.
– Dedicated Customer Care
– Cost optimization

Company to design and print professional cheap plastic cards exist. Free design – in test samples of products, advanced printing technology to create quality products.