Plastic card printing company durable, cheap HCMC

Plastic card printing company durable, cheap HCMC

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August 13, 2016
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August 13, 2016
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Plastic card printing company durable, cheap HCMC

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Plastic card printing company durable, cheap HCMC – Company Nguyen Tuan is one of the few printing companies in HCM City only focus on an array of plastic card printing. We also take the lead in the field of providing comprehensive and print plastic cards and provides complete solutions for the personalization of printed or embossed cards and plastic card applications.

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Plastic card is a printed product with high technology, it is more and more applications in our lives and it has gradually replaced the paper card.

Company Nguyen Tuan with a team of highly skilled designers, modern equipment, advanced raw materials to bring you a durable plastic card, durable color, coating peeling.

Our company recognized in all the cards at the request of customers. Card size 54mm x 86mm generally, 0.76 mm thick when printed business cards smaller, more able to customer requests because the front can print your name, company logo, image, information of employees …, the back Printable defined using tags, photos …

– VIP Card, Member, Club …

– Financial card, bank

– Gift cards, discount cards.

– Key Card (hotels)

– Insurance card.

– ID Card (ID card) ….

– Barcode card magnetic cards, proximity cards (timekeeping)

– Mini card, ultra-thin card.

– Student cards, membership

– Transparent plastic cards

– The special cards

And there are many other cards …