Plastic card personnel printing high quality, durable HCM

Plastic card personnel printing high quality, durable HCM

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PVC card printing high quality, durable HCM
July 24, 2016
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July 24, 2016
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Plastic card personnel printing high quality, durable HCM

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With quality and high security, plastic cards high quality staff, durable has been becoming increasingly popular and are widely used in society, especially in companies, large corporations to alternative to the use of these cards easily crumpled paper, typically poor usability.

In addition to ease of storage, plastic card employees can integrate the ATM, helping enterprises more convenient payment and monthly pay for employees, creating professionalism in management activities Management as well as in the service of the strategic branding, product introduction, customer care …

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Foreseeing the needs of companies, the Company Nguyen Tuan we specialize in plastic card printing high-quality staff, HCMC durable suit all price categories and various designs include: employee attendance cards induction, employee entrance card, employee card magnetic card, chip card timekeeping, time management card work for office workers, officials and civil servants card, trainer card, teacher card, card school officials and staff cards with different size standards …

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Details plastic card products Employees:
– Employee attendance cards printed in high quality PVC material. To meet the demand for employee cards for hotels, companies, clubs, supermarkets, banks, commercial centers, …
– 54mm x 86mm size card, ATM card 0,76mm thickness, may be greater than required by the customer.
– The material of the plastic card so we import, self-regulation do bring something different altogether in card printing technology enables us to produce the card plastic card with a picture superior quality, glossy, durable, scratch-resistant, fade resistant colors.

Besides the variety of types and designs, Tuan Nguyen also provide all kinds of plastic cards high-quality staff, HCMC durable PVC ISO standards, standards for reliability, color card printing technology Plastics: Offset printing, Laser, Inkjet printing, thermal printing.

In addition, the technical team and design of Nguyen Tuan Our company is always unceasing innovation and creativity in the design of plastic cards to ensure making plastic card printing templates beautifully designed and suitable with the strict requirements of companies, large corporations, ensuring the color, quality and the aesthetics of the plastic card employees, contributing to the professionalism and image of the client market.